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  About the anime

A Silent Voice is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ōima. The series was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2013 to November 2014, with the individual chapters collected and published into seven tankōbon volumes. A Silent Voice was adapted into a film by Kyoto Animation, which was released in Japan in September 2016.

The story follows a young man named Shoya Ishida who is struggling to come to terms with the bullying he inflicted on a deaf classmate named Shoko Nishimiya when they were children. As a result of his actions, Shoko was transferred to another school and Shoya was ostracized by his peers and began a spiral of self-destruction.

Years later, Shoya tries to make amends for his past mistakes and tries to reconnect with Shoko, but she is hesitant to forgive him. As they spend time together, Shoya begins to understand the difficulties that Shoko faced as a deaf individual and the discrimination she faced from those around her.

The film explores themes of bullying, disability, and the consequences of one’s actions. It showcases the difficulties that individuals with disabilities face in society and the importance of understanding and acceptance.

One of the most powerful aspects of A Silent Voice is its portrayal of the psychological effects of bullying. Shoya’s descent into self-hatred and desperation is heart-wrenching, and the film does not shy away from showing the dark side of bullying. The film also delves into the psyche of the bully, showing how Shoya’s own insecurities and lack of support from his peers led him to lash out at Shoko.

The relationship between Shoya and Shoko is complex and multifaceted. Initially, Shoko is hesitant to forgive Shoya for the hurt he caused her, and it is only through his persistence and willingness to make amends that she begins to open up to him. As they reconnect, Shoya comes to understand the challenges Shoko faced as a deaf individual and the discrimination she experienced from those around her. He learns to see her as a person rather than just a victim of his bullying.

The film also highlights the importance of support and understanding from loved ones. Shoya’s mother and grandmother play a crucial role in his journey to redemption, providing him with the love and guidance he needs to turn his life around. The film also showcases the power of friendship, as Shoya’s relationships with his classmates and Shoko help him heal and grow as a person.

A Silent Voice is a poignant and powerful exploration of the effects of bullying and the importance of understanding and acceptance. Its portrayal of the psychological effects of bullying and the complexity of the relationships between its characters make it a must-see for anyone interested in these issues.
One of the most striking things about A Silent Voice is the way in which it portrays disability. The film does not sugarcoat the difficulties that Shoko and other characters with disabilities face on a daily basis. It shows the barriers that they encounter, such as the lack of accessibility in public spaces and the prejudices of those around them.

However, the film also showcases the strength and resilience of these characters. Shoko, in particular, is a strong and determined young woman who refuses to let her disability hold her back. She is determined to live a full and independent life, and she inspires those around her to see her as a person rather than just a disability.

A Silent Voice also explores the theme of communication and the importance of finding ways to connect with others. Shoko’s deafness serves as a metaphor for the difficulties that all people face in communicating and understanding one another. The film shows how easy it is to misunderstand or mistreat others when we don’t take the time to truly listen and understand their perspective.

The animation in A Silent Voice is stunning, with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and detailed character designs. The film also boasts a powerful and emotional soundtrack that enhances the impact of the story.

Overall, A Silent Voice is a deeply moving and thought-provoking film that tackles difficult themes with sensitivity and nuance. Its portrayal of disability, bullying, and the importance of communication make it a must-see for audiences of all ages. Its powerful message of understanding and acceptance is one that will stay with viewers long after the credits have rolled.

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