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TWIXTOR ANIME / Rin itoshi blue lockTwixtor

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TWIXTOR ANIME / Rin itoshi blue lockTwixtor

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Information card about rin itoshi 

Rōmaji:Itoshi Rin
“Eyelash Freak”
“Rin Rin”
“Underlashes Junior”
Biological Information
Birthday:September 9
Height:186 cm
Blood Type:A
Hair Color:Dark green
Eye Color:Teal
Itoshi family
• Sae Itoshi (older brother)
• Unnamed mother
• Unnamed father
Professional Information
Blue Lock
Blue Lock rank
1 [2] 2 [3] 1 [4] 221 [5] Team
Paris X Gen (Starter) [6] Former team(s)
Blue Lock Eleven (Starter)[7] Team A (Top 6)[8] Team Blue Lock (1st Clear Team)[9] Team Red[10] Jersey Number(s)
10 (Main)
11 (Middle-school)
1 (Second and Third Selection)
9 (Neo Egoist League)
Kick Accuracy
Spatial Awareness
Off the Ball Movements
Flow State
Manga:Chapter 40
Anime:Episode 11
Japanese Voice:Kouki Uchiyama
English Voice:Matt Shipman

about rin itoshi

TWIXTOR ANIME / Rin itoshi blue lockTwixtor

Rin Itoshi (糸師 凛 Itoshi Rin?) is a contender of Blue Lock, who presently performs as a normal for France’s Paris X Gen in the Neo Egoist League.

Rin is the youthful brother of Sae Itoshi, who started out taking part in soccer with him at a younger age. He has performed as a ahead on each and every group he was once on and has constantly been considered as one of the pinnacle players. He is considered as Blue Lock’s pleasant participant till he is formally proven to be by way of Jinpachi Ego at the opening of the Third Selection.[11]

Rin’s essential intention is to turn out to be the world’s nice striker. He used to be fixated on defeating his brother in soccer and in turn, getting revenge for leaving behind their shared dream, however after the Blue Lock Eleven performed towards the Japan U-20 he let go of his revenge and determined to trade so that he might also emerge as the world’s fantastic striker, defeating anyone in his path.

Rin is an best candidate for the kind of striker Ego strives to create.
Rin is a noticeably tall youngster with a slim however effective build. He is pretty taller than Yoichi Isagi who is older than him. He has black hair with a bang going throughout his face greater in his proper eye than left eye, slim teal eyes, and awesome eyelashes that he shares with his brother Itoshi Sae. As a younger boy, Rin appears mostly the same, his facial points simply end up extra awesome as he receives older.

At Blue Lock, Rin wears the fashionable issued physique swimsuit (black with grey stripes) and tracksuit. During Second Selection, he wore Team Red’s #1 jersey and wore Team A’s #1 black jersey at some stage in the Third Selection. Only as soon as the Japan U-20 in shape starts offevolved does he don an authentic blue Blue Lock participant uniform with the jersey #10 and a captain’s armband.


As a younger boy, Rin used to be very harmless and in awe of his brother, Sae, looking nothing extra than to end up a cool and sturdy participant like him. He commenced enjoying soccer due to the fact his brother informed him to, following his orders except question. As they performed soccer together, Rin listened to some thing Sae stated and adjusted accordingly. When Sae left for Spain, Rin discovered soccer was once extra challenging barring his brother however strived to turn out to be simply like him and exchange him. This is the place Rin’s core fashion of play would start to shift from his instinctive style, to a greater logical style.

Initially, he used to be a proper crew participant and captain for his high-school team, acting to be on precise phrases with some of his teammates. However, due to his fallout with his brother, he has grow to be cold, blunt, and overly serious. He is totally targeted on soccer, to an nearly obsessive diploma and is additionally very egoistic, as he is constantly inserting his dreams first over each person and their motivations. Rin has a lot of satisfaction as a striker, which borders on arrogance, on account that he regularly describes different people’s soccer and way of wondering as “lukewarm” or “mediocre”. These mannerisms and behaviors got here from his brother; In an strive to be like his brother, Rin copies his phrases and embodies his mindset.

Rin appears to admire nearly nobody. He will solely well known your presence if you have a sizeable and worrying ability/influence on the soccer field. He appears to have no friends, solely opponents (with solely Isagi and Bachira apparently being on normally even phrases with him). By the time of the Japan National Representative in shape he is extra notably talkative with the team, giving preparation on the pitch and conversing with Isagi specifically.

Rin commits to a events of aftercare at the stop of every and each day, to enhance his physique, and he is regularly determined in the coaching room doing drills or weights. Despite his conceitedness and aloofness, Rin in reality lives and breathes soccer, dedicating each waking second to enhancing himself. This mentality blended with his persona is what makes him the pinnacle candidate for Blue Lock’s supposed nice striker. Everything Rin does is to allow him to beat his older brother and quit the contention however after Rin strikes previous his revenge in opposition to his brother and his contention with teammates, he reaches a readability in his decisions. He now goals to free himself from some thing that ties him down and set up his personal identification as an egoist, besides relying on his brother, teammates or rivals.



Playmaker: A participant who controls the drift of the team’s offensive play, and is regularly worried in passing strikes which lead to goals, thru their vision, technique, ball control, creativity, and passing ability.

When he was once younger, Rin was once an instinctual participant however being skilled and guided with the aid of his brother made him boost a relatively logical and predictive fashion of playing. Whether on offense or defense, Rin’s playstyle consists of him greedy the capabilities of each his teammates and his opponents and forcing out their fine performs and abilities, manipulating them in his efforts to rating desires for himself.


Superior Football Technique: Rin is one of two gamers in Blue Lock who has pinnacle tier stats, alongside with Ryusei Shidou. During the Third Selection, he scored an common 2.5 dreams a game, which used to be the perfect amongst the Top 6. His spatial awareness, ball control, power, and kick accuracy are solely rivaled with the aid of a handful of players. Though Shidou can be described similarly, the component that makes Rin the first-class in Blue Lock is his willingness to cooperate with and create chemical reactions with his teammates, whilst Shidou rankings dreams definitely independently. Rin’s trip and methods are superior sufficient that he is capable to play the position of captain, act as the focal factor for an offense, play in protection and even overcome high-level defenders, the usage of their very own strengths in opposition to them.

Perfect Kick Accuracy: Rin’s important weapon is his quite correct kick. His shooting/passing accuracy is close to perfect, as established when he kicked two balls in such a way that they travelled distinctive trajectories, but nonetheless hit every different in mid-air. Rin’s kicks are so correct that he is capable to rating from lengthy distance; Isagi implied that he ought to doubtlessly rating from somewhere beneath 35 meters, free kicks and even at once from nook kicks. Even when being bodily forced via gamers like Shidou Ryusei or Tabito Karasu, he is in a position to make a pinpoint shot. Aiku Oliver notes that his shot strength and accuracy minimize when he makes use of his left foot, however in most stipulations the place Rin can get off a shot, it is on target. Rin desires house and vary to set up his taking pictures pattern, the denial of which can end result in his shot being off. However, he makes use of his different weapons to discover himself with lots of both, making him one of the pinnacle scorers in Blue Lock.

Pinpoint High Speed Free Kick: Rin fires a blazing quickly free kick, with extraordinary accuracy. This free kick used to be so quickly and correct that it went proper over Isagi’s head, besides giving him a danger to react.
Vertical Spinning Direct Shot: A direct shot from the nook spot, which goals the furthest pinnacle nook of the goal. This shot can take gamers off protect if they do now not anticipate it, concept it can be avoided thru positioning.
Line Drive Shot: Rin tried to replicate his brother’s shot, by using dribbling to the byline and the use of his left foot to hearth the ball over the goalkeeper and into the a long way aspect netting. However, the minimize in shot electricity and accuracy intended his shot was once saved and hit the post.
Jump Shot: After feinting to stay clear of an opponent’s defence, Rin lifts the ball and performs a leaping roundhouse kick. With this technique, Rin is in a position to each shoot with scary accuracy and steer clear of a assignment from an opponent.
Blind Shot: Rin takes gain of the actions of some other participant to defend the ball from the keeper’s vision, earlier than firing a blind shot that the keeper can’t react to in time.
Trivela (Shot): A method whereby which one places spin on the ball the usage of the backyard of their foot. Rin hides his form, to pressure the assumption that he will shoot with his left foot, earlier than capturing with his right. Rin is capable to do this and rating from outdoor the penalty area, as confirmed towards the Japan U-20.
Trivela (Pass): A method whereby which one places spin on the ball the use of the outdoor of their foot. Rin can use this approach to bypass the ball, manipulating the opponent into questioning his bypass has missed, solely for it spin returned to its destination.
Oppressive Pass: Rin makes a challenging ignore to his teammate in order to proceed a play. He will generally play this bypass into the highest quality area for his teammate to retrieve it and return the bypass (in the case of Aryu) or into the house the place he expects his teammate to step forward (in the case of Bachira). This pass, as antagonistic to a extra innovative one, challenges the obstacles of Rin’s team, forcing them to upward jab to meet his expectations.

Spatial Awareness: Rin analyzes the whole field, which includes the positions of himself, his teammates and his opponents, in order to decide the nice play. Rin’s tactical potential and spatial attention are at such a stage that solely Isagi can understand, counter, and rival his analytical ability. Rin is robotically capable to predict the positioning and moves of different players, together with Isagi, placing up traps and baits to trap them into destructive positions, intercepting their performs and placing up his own.

Spacing: By studying the weapon of his opponent, as nicely as the positions of different gamers on the field, Rin areas himself in such a way as to enable for him to predict and reply to some thing they determine to do.
Synchronization: Rin is additionally capable to use his spatial recognition defensively, thru analyzing and appreciation the core of his opponent’s soccer he can overlap his ideas with theirs to predict what they will do next. He used this to halt the blended offense of Sae and Shidou all through the U-20 match. However, focusing totally on enjoying defensively makes it hard for him to be part of the offense to rating his very own goals.

Off the Ball Movements: A time period used to describe the moments the place gamers are no longer in possession of the ball. Rin makes use of these actions to function himself in an opponent’s blind spot, as properly as to manoeuvre into intention scoring positions. He does this after finding out the subject of view of the gamers on the pitch, comparable to Isagi.

Positioning: Rin has magnificent positioning, continuously shifting to areas the place he can get hold of the ball in house and nonetheless be in a position to rating a goal. If Rin realises that he will no longer get hold of a pass, he usually positions himself in a area the place he would be in a position to rating if he ought to get hold of the ball with the aid of chance. He confirmed this positioning for the duration of the Second Selection, as properly as for the duration of the U-20 match. Rin additionally makes use of this defensively, in aggregate with his spatial awareness. After the use of his spacing, Rin offers himself adequate room to predict the place the opponent will in all likelihood ruin through, then makes use of his positioning to intercept them.
Super-Speed Interlock: By the usage of the actions of some other participant as a precursor, Rin strikes into a role the place he can meet a speedy move in an open space. He used this in conjunction with Bachira to rating towards the Team World Five.

Puppet-Controlling Soccer: Rin’s predominant play fashion is about controlling and manipulating what his opponent thinks. After figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of every participant on the field, Rin makes use of his highest quality technique, tactical and bodily capacity to manipulate them into situations that will end result in a goal. He can do this through the use of his personal skills in opposition to the opponent, or by using combining his strengths with his team’s. This fashion of soccer, pushes his team’s capabilities to their limits and beyond, ensuing in pretty complicated and wonderful passages of play that frequently end result in a goal.

Feints: By positioning himself at a vary the place he can shoot, Rin manipulates his opponent into questioning he will shoot. This attracts in the opponent to try a block, earlier than he feints in order to skip them. Rin can additionally use this in reverse. By altering his structure and hiding his movement he fools his opponent into wondering he might not shoot, earlier than he does.
Marseille Turn: After manipulating his opponent into wondering he will operate a normal feint, Rin transitions into a roulette, to get round their defence.
Elastico Nutmeg: Rin knocks the ball sideways with the backyard of his foot, in order to pressure a assignment from his opponent, earlier than the use of the interior of his foot to push the ball between their legs and get previous them. He used this to get previous Sendo.

Flow State: Flow, as described by means of Ego, is the nation of “total immersion” or “being in the zone”. It is the intellectual kingdom in which a man or woman performing some pastime is thoroughly immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the manner of the activity.

Rin ultimately reached Flow in the last minutes of the Japan U20 match. Rin’s fashion of soccer generally revolves round exactly calculating the weapons of the gamers on the subject and drawing them out to utilise them, manipulating the subject for the great way to score. However, when in Flow, as a substitute than bringing out different player’s weapons to effectively utilise them, Rin attracts out their weapons in order to shut them down. This commonly includes Rin baiting them in some way, to use their strongest weapon, earlier than overcoming them directly. While in Flow, Rin is mentioned to be numerous degrees above his fashionable abilities. Rin used to be capable to absolutely defeat Teppei Neru, Miroku Darai and Kazuma Niou in speedy succession, the use of every of their weapons towards them. Even Aiku may want to now not cease him on my own however when assisted with the aid of Shidou they had been in a position to stress Rin. Despite this, Rin used to be capable to kick a effective curve shot that neglected solely by means of a couple of inches. Rin is even in a position to neutralize Sae’s dribbling as viewed in the final minute of the U-20 Match.

Opposite Acceleration: When going through any person with velocity as their weapon, Rin knocks the ball to the side, in order to bait their acceleration forward, earlier than he all of sudden quickens in the contrary direction, nutmegging them in the process. He used this to get with the aid of Neru.

Off the Ball Movements: When dealing with any person with off the ball moves as their weapon, Rin will go them a couple of instances to get in behind, earlier than the use of his hand to forestall them from turning round to give up him. He used this to get by way of Darai.

Centre of Gravity Full Burst: When going through anyone with core energy as their weapon, Rin will pressure a bodily strain duel, knocking the ball up as bait. When they cost in, Rin will shift to stance with a low centre of gravity, to wreck their balance, the use of their very own cost in opposition to them. He used this to get via Niou.


. To me, this healthy is just….. every other stepping stone to turning into the high-quality in the world. [12] (To Isagi, Chapter 44) To me, you are simply stepping stones. You guys, and this “Blue Lock” as well. [13] (To Isagi, Chapter 44) If you hold winning, you will get into Japan’s U-20 Team. I’m right here to simply take gain of that system. It’s all so that I can come to be Japan’s consultant and overcome my brother. [14] (To Isagi, Chapter 45) Soccer is a loss of life match. As a long way as I’m concerned. Just come already so I can kill you. Your lukewarm ball kicking recreation will cease here. [15] (To Team White, Chapter 47) You guys do not research at all, do you. I’m staking my lifestyles on every moment, here. [16] (To Isagi, Chapter 48) How lengthy are you gonna circle theses passes around? And you name your self a striker? Come. I’ll cease this. [17] (To Isagi, Chapter 77) Did you genuinely assume you should study me? A puppet side-show like you. [18] (To Isagi, Chapter 86) Luck is not a end result of pure coincidence. It’s an underlying aspect of the subject that reaches solely these who pass with the aid of their will. If you can not recognize that, you have obtained no proper to stay in a aggressive world. [19] (To Isagi, Chapter 115) Don’t get swept away, Isagi. You simply have to appear at me. In ninety minutes, i will flip these cheers into screams of anguish.


The identify Rin (凛) ability “dignified, severe, frigid and cold”.[20] Rin’s surname Itoshi (糸師) capacity “thread” (Ito, 糸) and “expert, trainer and master” (shi, 師).[21][22] Itoshi Rin can consequently be interpreted as “dignified puppet master”.


He says he does not cry.
His preferred meals is ochazuke, particularly ochazuke with bream.
His favourite manga are Dragon Head and Shigatera.
His favored animal is the owl.
His preferred film is “The Shining”.
He is unfriendly/blunt.
Rin is fluent in English.
He spends his vacation both by means of taking part in horror video video games or immersed himself in horror movies.
He is now not precise at calligraphy.
If it is his ultimate day on Earth, he will combat with his brother.
He does not take into account how many Valentine candies he obtained final 12 months due to the fact he declined all of them.
Rin ranked sixth in the first reputation poll, with 1028 votes.


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