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Anime stats

Title: Black Clover

Type: TV series

Episodes: 170 (ongoing)

Aired: October 3, 2017 – present

Studio: Pierrot Studios

Source material: Manga

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shōnen

Duration: 23 minutes per episode

Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


a world where magic is everything, Asta and Yuno are two orphans who
dream of becoming the greatest mages in the kingdom of Clover. Despite
their different approaches to magic, the two boys become the closest of
friends and form a strong bond that will see them through the many
challenges they face on their journey to becoming magic knights.


The main protagonist of the series, Asta is an orphan with no magic
power who dreams of becoming the greatest wizard in the kingdom of
Clover. He is fiercely determined and never gives up, even in the face
of overwhelming odds.

Yuno: Asta’s rival and fellow orphan, Yuno
is a prodigy with immense magical power and innate talent. He is calm
and collected, and his faith in Asta’s abilities inspires and encourages

Noelle Silva: A member of the noble Silva family, Noelle is
a powerful mage with control over water magic. She is initially distant
and reserved, but she grows to care for and trust her fellow magic
knights as they face dangers together.

Yami Sukehiro: The captain
of the Black Bulls, Yami is a powerful and skilled mage with control
over darkness magic. He is gruff and blunt, but has a deep sense of
loyalty to his comrades.

Charlotte Roselei: The captain of the
Blue Rose squad, Charlotte is a skilled healer with control over wind
magic. She is kind and compassionate, and often serves as a voice of
reason among her fellow magic knights.

Gauche Adlai: A member of
the Black Bulls, Gauche is a skilled mage with control over mirror
magic. He is initially cold and distant, but comes to care for his
comrades as they face dangers together.

Overall, Black Clover is
an action-packed and heartwarming series that has gained a massive
following around the world. Its themes of friendship, determination, and
finding one’s place in the world have resonated with readers and
viewers, making it a must-see for fans of the shōnen genre

 clips raw anime BLACK CLOVER 


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