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Twixtor Anime is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that allows users to create smooth, realistic slow motion effects from their anime footage. It uses a patented motion analysis algorithm to track and reconstruct individual frames, even when there is camera shake or motion blur. This results in stunningly realistic slow motion footage that is often indistinguishable from real tim

Anos Voldigoad | Maou Gakuin

Name: Anos Voldigoad
Age: 1 Month (Current Life), 2000+ Years (Previous Life)
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Titles: Demon King of Tyranny, Founder, Misfit
Tier: 6-B | 2-A
Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (Casually destroyed the world in his previous life) | Multiversal level (Can kill beings that exist on multiple layers of reality)
Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can move faster than light)
Durability: Multi-Continent level | Multiversal level
Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Can lift mountains)
Stamina: Infinite (Has never been shown to tire)
Range: Planetary (Can attack from anywhere in the world)
Intelligence: Genius (Has mastered all forms of magic and combat)
Weaknesses: None notable

Anos Voldigoad is the main protagonist of Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha. He is the Demon King of Tyranny who was reborn after 2000 years. He is a powerful and arrogant demon who is also a genius. He is enrolled in the Demon King Academy, where he quickly proves to be the most powerful student. He is determined to restore the world to its former glory and defeat the gods who have been oppressing humanity.

Anos Voldigoad is a very powerful being. He is capable of destroying entire continents with ease. He is also incredibly fast and durable. He has mastered all forms of magic and combat. He is also a genius strategist and tactician. He is a very dangerous opponent and should not be underestimated.


Character – Anos Voldigoad

 Anime – Maou Gakuin

Clips – S1

Type – Twixtor

Quality – 1080p

Link – Google Drive / MEGA




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