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An anime Twixtor is a video editing technique that uses the Twixtor plugin to create slow-motion or speed ramping effects in anime clips. Twixtor analyzes the motion in the video and creates new frames to adjust the speed and timing of the action, resulting in visually stunning and dynamic effects. This technique is commonly used in anime editing to enhance action scenes or create a dramatic effect.

Guts | Berserk

Name: Guts
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 6’8″ (204 cm)
Weight: 253 lbs (115 kg)
Species: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/True Neutral


Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman durability
Expert swordsman
Master of hand-to-hand combat
Master of the Berserker Armor


The Dragon Slayer: A massive 100-pound sword that Guts wields with ease.
The Berserker Armor: A cursed armor that grants Guts immense power, but at the cost of his sanity.


Guts was born in a small village and was raised by his mother. When he was young, he was orphaned and forced to fend for himself. He eventually became a mercenary and joined the Band of the Falcon, a group of soldiers led by Griffith. Guts quickly became one of Griffith’s most trusted and skilled soldiers.
However, the Band of the Falcon was eventually betrayed by Griffith, who sacrificed them to the God Hand, a group of powerful demons. Guts survived the Eclipse, but he was branded with a mark that attracts demons. He has since been on a quest to avenge the Band of the Falcon and destroy the God Hand.


Guts is a complex and conflicted character. He is a skilled warrior and a fierce fighter, but he is also haunted by his past and the demons that he has seen. He is driven by a desire for revenge, but he also has a strong sense of justice and compassion.


Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman durability
Expert swordsman
Master of hand-to-hand combat
Master of the Berserker Armor
The brand of sacrifice attracts demons
The Berserker Armor can drive him insane
He is haunted by his past


Guts is a powerful and skilled warrior who is driven by a desire for revenge. He is a complex and conflicted character, but he is also a man of justice and compassion.


Character –  Guts
Anime –   Berserk  2022
Clips – S1/2022
Type – Twixtor
Quality – 1080p
Link – Google Drive / MEGA



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