ANIME Luffy Twixtor clips for editing

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ANIME Luffy Twixtor clips for editing


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ANIME Luffy Twixtor clips for editing

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stats card about Luffy  


Monkey D.
Luffy is the principal protagonist of the famous anime and manga sequence
“One Piece.” He is a younger pirate captain who is on a quest to
locate the legendary treasure recognized as One Piece and grow to be the Pirate
King. Here is a stats card for Luffy 


Name: Monkey
D. Luffy 


Age: 19 (at
the start of the sequence o.p)  




Pirate captain 


Straw Hat Pirates


Gomu Gomu no Mi (a Devil Fruit that supplies him the capability to stretch his
physique like rubber)Strength: Luffy is extraordinarily robust and has a
excessive tolerance for pain. He is in a position to take on effective
opponents and stand up to reputedly insurmountable odds.Endurance: Luffy has an
fantastic quantity of stamina and can proceed combat even after struggling
extreme injuriesAgility: Despite his cumbersome appearance, Luffy is very agile
and rapid on his feet. He is in a position to evade assaults and execute
complicated strikes with ease.Intelligence: While no longer always a genius,
Luffy iswise and imaginative in combat. He is in a position to come up with
innovative options to troubles and has a exact graspof his personal capabilities
and these ofhisopponents.Personality: Luffy is a carefree and positiveperson
who values friendship and loyalty above all else.He is speedy to make buddies
and is usually geared up for a exact fightOverall, Luffy is a ambitious and
succesful pirate captain who is well-respected by using his crew and feared by
using his enemies. He is a sturdy and decided man or woman who continually
strives towhat is right, no depend the cos

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