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4k no c.c (original)

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An anime Twixtor is a video editing technique that uses the Twixtor plugin to create slow-motion or speed ramping effects in anime clips. Twixtor analyzes the motion in the video and creates new frames to adjust the speed and timing of the action, resulting in visually stunning and dynamic effects. This technique is commonly used in anime editing to enhance action scenes or create a dramatic effect.
Mononogatari 2023
Alternative title: Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari / Spirits Seekers
Original title: ものの が たり
TV series · Japan · 12 × 24 min
Origin: manga
During in progress: from 09/01/2023 to 03/27/2023 · Season: winter 2023
Start of broadcasting in simulcast/streaming: 09/01/2023
Themes: martial arts – yōkai
Animation studio: Bandai Namco Pictures
Simulcast / Streaming: Crunchyroll
Official website: link / link 2
Based on the Mononogatari manga of Onigunsou.
Tsukumogami: Spirits, or “Marebito”, which have owned old objects and acquired a physical form.
Although he is part of an illustrious family of Saenome who aims to send them peacefully into their world, Kunato Hyouma has been despised since the tragic death of his family. In order to cure him of this disgust, the grandfather of Hyouma sends him to live with Nagatsuki Botan, a young girl who cohabits in harmony with a group of pacifist tsukumogami who come to the aid of humans by tracking the Tsukumogami Renegat.
Character – Kunato Hyouma
Anime – Mononogatari
Clips – S1
Type – Twixtor
Quality – 1080p
Link – Google Drive/MEGA


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