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An anime Twixtor is a video editing technique that uses the Twixtor plugin to create slow-motion or speed ramping effects in anime clips. Twixtor analyzes the motion in the video and creates new frames to adjust the speed and timing of the action, resulting in visually stunning and dynamic effects. This technique is commonly used in anime editing to enhance action scenes or create a dramatic effect.

Kurumi Tokisaki | Date A Live 

Name: Kurumi Tokisaki
Anime: Date A Live
Description: Kurumi Tokisaki is a character from the anime and light novel series Date A Live. She is known for her mysterious and alluring personality, as well as her striking appearance. Kurumi has long, flowing dark hair with a red ribbon, red eyes, and wears a black Gothic Lolita-style dress. She often carries a large flintlock musket named “Yud Bet” as her primary weapon.


Power: ★★★★★

Kurumi possesses an extremely powerful and unique ability called “Zafkiel,” which allows her to manipulate time, including time travel, time stopping, and time acceleration. She can use her abilities to control time in various ways, making her a formidable opponent in battles.

Speed: ★★★★☆

Kurumi is known for her agility and speed in combat, allowing her to dodge attacks and move swiftly on the battlefield. Her quick reflexes and movements make her a challenging opponent to keep up with.

Intelligence: ★★★☆☆

Kurumi is a strategic and cunning character who often uses her intelligence to outwit her enemies. She is skilled in manipulating others and is known for her careful planning and calculated actions.

Endurance: ★★★☆☆

Kurumi has an average level of endurance, as she relies more on her time manipulation abilities to avoid damage. However, she can still withstand moderate attacks and continue fighting.

Charisma: ★★★★☆

Kurumi possesses a charismatic and seductive personality that often draws others towards her. She has a captivating aura and is skilled in manipulating others to achieve her goals.

Combat Skill: ★★★★☆

Kurumi is a skilled combatant, proficient in using her flintlock musket, “Yud Bet,” in battle. She is also highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and can adapt her fighting style depending on the situation.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Kurumi Tokisaki is a powerful and enigmatic character with formidable time manipulation abilities, high agility, and intelligence. Her seductive personality and combat skills make her a formidable force on the battlefield. However, her average endurance and reliance on her time manipulation abilities may be a weakness in prolonged battles.


Character –  Kurumi Tokisaki
Anime – Date A Live
Clips – S1
Type – Twixtor
Quality – 1080p
Link – Google Drive / MEGA



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