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twixtor clips 4k

Twixtor Anime is a powerful tool that can be used to create smooth and realistic slow motion effects from animated footage. It uses a patented algorithm to track and reconstruct individual frames, even if the footage is shaky or blurry. The result is slow motion footage that is often indistinguishable from live

Pain | Naruto shippuden

Name: Pain Rikud么
Classification: S-rank, Sensor Type
Occupation: Akatsuki Leader, Village Head
Affiliation: Amegakure
Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan

  • Tend么: The main body of Pain, formerly Yahiko’s body. Can use attraction or repulsion techniques on objects or people.
  • Chikush艒d艒: Controls animals with his mind.
  • Gakid么: Can absorb chakra from his opponents.
  • Jigokud艒: Can control the Naraka Path to inflict pain on his opponents.
  • Ningend艒: Can revive the dead.
  • Shurad么: Can control the Asura Path to fire powerful beams of energy.


  • Extremely powerful and versatile.
  • Can control the Six Paths of Pain from a distance.
  • Has the Rinnegan, which gives him a wide range of powerful abilities.


  • His body is weak and can be easily injured.
  • He is reliant on the Six Paths of Pain to fight, and if they are defeated, he is vulnerable.

Overall: Pain Rikud么 is one of the most powerful characters in Naruto Shippuden. He has a wide range of abilities and is extremely difficult to defeat. However, his body is weak and he is reliant on the Six Paths of Pain to fight. If they are defeated, he is vulnerable.


Character 鈥  Pain Rikud么

Anime – Naruto shippuden

Clips 鈥 S2

Type 鈥 Twixtor

Quality 鈥 1080p

Link 鈥 Google Drive / MEGA



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