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Twixtor Clips 4K

Twixtor is a popular choice for anime editors because it can be used to create smooth, realistic motion even when the video footage is slowed down or sped up. This is because Twixtor uses a technique called motion interpolation, which creates new frames of animation between existing frames. This can help to reduce the choppiness that can sometimes occur when video footage is slowed down or sped up.

Toji Fushiguro | Jujutsu Kaisen S2

Name: Toji Fushiguro

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Sorcerer Killer

Powers and Abilities:

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Tactical Genius

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Was able to defeat Special Grade Jujutsu Users on three separate occasions, such as young Satoru Gojo)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (Was able to keep up with and even surpass Satoru Gojo in combat)

Durability: High (Survived being hit by a point-blank Domain Expansion from Suguru Geto)

Stamina: Very High (Was able to fight for an extended period of time against multiple powerful opponents)

Range: Standard melee range physically. Hundreds of meters with chain.

Standard Equipment: Katana, Chains, Inverted Spear, Playful Cloud, Knife.


  • His son.
  • He cannot see cursed spirits.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Playful Cloud: A cursed tool that enhances Toji’s physical strength.
  • Inverted Spear: A cursed tool that can pierce through cursed energy.
  • Chains: A set of chains that Toji uses to bind and restrain his opponents.
  • Knife: A simple knife that Toji uses as a backup weapon.

Overall: Toji Fushiguro is one of the most powerful characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a master of hand-to-hand combat and is proficient in using a variety of weapons. He is also incredibly intelligent and tactical, which allows him to overcome even the most powerful opponents.


Character – lToji Fushiguro 

Anime – Jujutsu Kaisen S2

Clips – S2

Type – Twixtor

Quality – 1080p



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